“Premiere class aloe vera gel and aloe vera products from Forever Living”

Forever Living Products

Pure aloe vera using a stabilized patented harvesting process, can be found throughout the Forever Living’s product range. Only the inner leaf aloe vera gel is used, the latex and leaf pulp are recycled and sown back into the soil as natural fertilizer.

A bottle of aloe vera gel will last for four years unopened, the constituents remain active for the entire duration. Essentially opening a bottle of gel is like opening a fresh aloe leaf. Forever is world renowned for providing a superior aloe vera drink.

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Aloe Vera Gel Drinks

Looking to buy Aloe Vera Gel?

Forever Living has 4 different types of drinks. All drinks have stabilised aloe vera gel as the main ingredient. Promote your body’s optimal health with Forever’s nutrient rich aloe vera. Aloe vera gel is not aloe vera juice. Aloe vera juice is a weak low concentration product.

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Weight Management

We have a finely tuned range of products help you reach and maintain your desired weight by promoting a healthy lifestyle. The 3 stage program starting with our 9 day cleansing plan (Clean 9 ) and continues on into the F.I.T 1 and then finally the F.I.T 2 pack.

aloe vera skin care

Skin Care

Skin health and the care of is something we take very seriously. Forever has a comprehensive range of products for toning, anti-ageing, healing and repairing.  UV protection, cleansing scrubs, conditioning, moisturising and revitalisation, many of our products are suitable for people prone to eczema and psoriasis.


Nothing but nature’s best to create our premium quality products; well-renowned ingredients used over centuries for their health and nutritional properties. Supplements with nature’s beneficial minerals and vitamins

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Bee Products

Pure gold, honey bees are a true golden treasure of nature. All natural bee products are the ideal complement to aloe vera and play an important part in wellness and a healthy balanced lifestyle. Bee pollen, bee propolis, royal jelly and forever bee honey

anti ageing skin care

Sonya Cosmetics

The Sonya Skin Care product range is a breakthrough in anti-ageing skin care technology. The range contains 5 fundamental elements for the cleansing, moisturising and the maintenance of beautiful, healthy, radiant skin.

forever aloe vera skin care

Personal Care

Forever personal care range contains a formidable array of items including shampoos, conditioners, deodourant sticks, balms, toothcare and pampering creams. All Forever Living items comes with a 60 day money back guarantee on all items.

Forever is a fantastic company, strong ethical values feature throughout it’s primary directives, check out our video below.

Forever Living produce only the highest quality of aloe vera gel. The harvesting process yields only the inner leaf contents to extract pure aloe vera gel. The leaf pulp and latex membrane are non-beneficial and are often included by manufactures of lower grade products. It is the inner leaf gel that contains all the nutrional value along with the highly complex amino acids (2o in total), amongst these are 8 essential ones that cannot be manufactured by the body.


If you’d like to know more about the Forever company or you’d like to be involved, please watch the video and then send a message to us via the contact form

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