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What is, who are Forever Living Products ?

The company Forever Living, sometimes referred to as Forever Living Products as well as just ‘ Forever ‘ was founded in the USA during 1978. The person who started the company was Rex Maughan from the State of Idaho. The primary headquarters for the company is currently situated in Arizona; Rex graduated with a BSc in accounting from Arizona State University.

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What makes Forever Living Products so special ?

Forever Living Products are renowned for only using cold stabilised aloe vera gel throughout the range. The aloe is planted, cultivated, harvested and processed entirely by the company; they do not use any third party to supply fresh aloe. The particular species of aloe vera solely used is referred to as Barbadensis Miller in binomial nomenclature (organism naming in Biology). This species is highly potent, containing a cocktail of amino acids and complex molecules that are beneficial to the human body.

Forever Living Products have a patented stabilisation process that ensures the freshness of the aloe. Lesser brands often destroy the helpful benefits of aloe vera by not being able to preserve the freshness of the gel, reducing their potency.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Any customer of Forever has the right to cancel any order within 14 days of it being placed.

Forever is so confident in the quality of its products that we offer a complete 60-day money-back guarantee if customers are not entirely satisfied.

If you are not satisfied with any item, simply return the receipt, together with the unused part of the product or empty containers, within 60 days of the date of purchase, and your Forever will refund the price paid.

Please note that if you wish to return your Forever Living product for a refund but did not buy it from Aloe Vera Gel Shop (Independent Distributors of Forever Living) you must contact your own distributor. 

Did you know?

  • Forever Living was founded in 1978
  • FLP, largest grower and distributor of Aloe Vera. They own plantations in the USA and the Caribbean – both prime growing climates. Therefore they can tell you EXACTLY how and where the Aloe was grown
  • No pesticides or herbicides are used in their Aloe Vera fields
  • They control the whole process, from choosing which leaves are ripe for harvest, right through to the storage temperature after bottling
  • They are not dependent on any other supplier
  • Their gel is extracted from freshly harvested, mature leaves and stabilized to protect its essential nutritional content within hours. The stabilization process is patented by Forever Living Products’ Founder, Chairman of Board of Directors and CEO Rex Maughan
  • Forever Living Products believe that quality is NEVER a compromise! And they are willing to put our money where their mouth is
  • 60 day money back guarantee on all Forever Living products

Start your own business with Forever Living Products

Did you know you can be a Forever Living Products business owner? The company has been developed around a distributor / customer model, this means that high street stores are excluded from the rights of selling to consumers. The object of this business model is to allow individuals the opportunity to run their own franchise as an alternative to being committed in a job where they work for someone else. A benefit of this setup is that there is no ceiling on the income you can earn.

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Interested in just the products but not the business?

Many of our customers are purely interested in the products and have no interest in running their own business. This is absolutely fine with; choice is essential, however we still feel that loyal customers should be rewarded. To this end Forever have developed a Novus customer (customer loyalty) offer by way of a 15% discount. Any customer who spends over a minimum order amount will receive 15% discount on the order and then 15% for life on future orders. The minimum order value in the UK is £100.00 for the first time, future order minimums are then £50.00. Other countries have the same offer, but of course the currency value will be different (US – $100.00, Canada – $110.00)

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Start a business with Forever Living Products and get 35% discount

Business owners get a very sweet deal, the wholesale discount they receive is 35%, comprised of 30% at purchase source and then a 5% cashback amount on any order made for the month paid back into their account (the following month).

Forever Living business owners who expand their business can and are regularly promoted to higher levels of discount. The new owner starts at 35%, with intermediary levels in between, the highest level for discount is Manager which is a whopping 48%. That’s nearly half discount and can make a very welcome upgrade to any balance book.

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