Do I have to pay to join Forever Living and how much does it cost ?

Do I have to pay to join Forever Living ?

There is no obligation to pay to join Forever Living. Unlike some popular warehouse stores, you don’t have to have a membership card to buy products or anything like that.

How do I make a profit?

In order to qualify for discount you have to meet a minimum order value. In The UK this is equivalent to £100.00 or more, the US it is $100.00 and in Canada it is $110.00 (CD). The order has to be made via an offline form through us as an existing distributor. This minimum order will grant you 15% discount on this order and any future orders.

Can I make even bigger profit?

To be involved with Forever Living at the business level and be allowed to buy products at wholesale prices you need to become a distributor. The cost of becoming a distributor in the UK is £199.75 which furnishes you with a box of heavily discounted products. When you have business owner status you will be able to buy products at 30% discount plus you will get 5% cashback on any purchases you make paid into your account the following month.

Are there any ongoing fees ?

Forever Living Ongoing Fees

There are no fees to remain a member of Forever Living. What ever level you join the business, be it customer, Novus customer (15% discount) or business owner (35% discount); to remain a Novus customer you have to make minimum £50 purchase every 6 months, as business owner you only have to make a £50 purchase every 3 years.

Is there a minimum order value as member?

If you are a Novus customer or business owner, there is a minimum order of £50.00 in the UK (USA $50.00, $60.00 CAN) each time you buy products. You can of course comprise your order to be made up of exactly what you want just as long as it adds up to the minimum value.

Do I have to meet sales targets if I’m a Forever Business Owner ?

An emphatically big NO

There is absolutely no pressure on you to meet any kind of target and you will not lose membership for not promoting your business. We want you to succeed, but we most definitely do not want you think or feel that you must jump through hoops to be accepted or remain part of Forever Living. To remain a business owner you only have to make a minimum order of £50.00 every 3 years.

Are there any bonuses and more discount ?

There is a phenomenal marketing plan for business owners who really want to promote their business, increase their customer numbers and of course get more bonuses. Always remember this, what ever level you reach in Forever’s distributor plan, you will always remain there until you go up again. You will never fall back down.

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The Forever Business Marketing Plan

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