Ingredients inside a bottle of forever aloe vera gel

inner leaf aloe vera gel

Inner Leaf Aloe Vera Gel - 96%

citric acid from lemons

Citric Acid - pH regulator - Lemons

xanthum gum sea kelp extract

Xanthum Gum - Sea Kelp

Sorbitol - Maize Extract - Celiac Friendly

potassium sorbate mountain ash berries

Potassium Sorbate - Mountain Ash Berries

wheat germ oil tocopherol

Tocopherol - Wheat Germ Oil - Vitamin E

vitamin c ascorbic acid

Ascorbic Acid - Vitamin C

Blackberries source of sodium benzoate

Sodium Benzoate - Blackberries

Harvesting Aloe Vera Inner Leaf Gel

  • Aloe leaves are harvested by hand.
  • Only 3 to 4 leaves are taken from each plant every 2 months.
  • Outer leaves are removed by using a precise and clean cut.
  • The remaining plant then regenerates, growing new leaves.
  • Harvesting can continue for 8 to 10 years.
  • Each leaf weight approximately 0.5Kg.
  • 12 leaves must remain with each plant in order for it to remain viable.

The cut leaves are transported rapidly to an on site processing facility; time is an essential factor in the preservation of the active ingredients contained within the inner leaf gel which form the main contstituent to the ingredients inside a bottle of forever aloe vera gel.

aloe vera gel harvesting

Processing the Harvested Aloe Vera Leaves

Aloe Vera Leaf Sections
  1. The outer layer is the most recognizable tough leaf rind, it contains no nutrional value whatsoever.
  2. The yellowish juicy membrane contains aloin end emodin, it is a bitter yellow sap with a strong odour and is not recommended for consumption (harmful to cats).
  3. The leaf marrow (aloe vera gel) is a clear fleshy portion filled with nutrients healthy for internal and external use (only this section is used).

Aloe leaves are peeled, only the leaf marrow is kept, the rind and membrane is discarded and recycled in use as fertilizer.

Non Chemical Fertilizers and Pesticides

Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are banned in use by Forever Living on any of their plantations. Respect for the environment and the surrounding ecology is at the forefront of their cultivating considerations. Forever use free range sheep, cattle and goats to provide 100% natural nitrate rich fertilizer. The recycling of the outer leaf rind is also used to enrich the ground, providing a healthy environment for seedlings to flourish and progress into yields of excellent crops.

You can be assured that the aloe vera gel inside a Forever Living bottle is as close as you will get to slicing open a fresh cut leaf anywhere in the world.


aloe vera natural fertilizer

How Much Should You Drink

how much aloe vera gel should i drink

When starting out for the first time, it is important to begin with a small daily dose of 60ml, for maximum benefits please drink 20 minutes before breakfast and flush through after with 16oz (500ml) of water.

Your intestinal tract might not be accustomed to this and so for the first week you may find your bathroom habits altering somewhat.

After 10 days you can increase the dose to 80ml, this is perfectly sufficient for most adults to reap the full benefits. Higher doses than this are for detox/cleansing purposes only.

Why Can’t I Buy This In A Regular Store?

store collage logos

Forever do not sell their products to any retailers like Walmart, Tecso, Sainsbury’s, Safeway, Target and even small mom and pop size stores.

It is illegal for distributors to sell Forever Living products through Amazon, Ebay or an other 3rd party auction site. The reason for this is simply that by doing so, the 60 day money back guarantee provided by Forever is invalidated and the customer would have no recourse to claim a refund. There have many instances where containers have been used, but the contents substituted with inferior low grade products. Remember if an offer seems too good to be true… It usually is.

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