Forever Living Marketing Plan

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The Forever Living Marketing Plan

How Does The Forever Living Marketing Plan Actually Work?

The Forever Living marketing plan is in some ways similar to a traditional business model. New distributors make money from sales and team leaders (managers) earn a small commission off their team members in addition to their own sales. 

Explaining Forever Living Case Credits

As Forever Living is a global company, we had to come up with a system of measuring the sales of product volume; this is because each country has its own currency system. The case credit is in essence Forever’s own currency.

Each Forever Living item has a case credit value e.g. 1 bottle of gel is 0.09 CC therefore 11 bottles would be approx 1 whole CC.

Where Do You Start On The Plan?

You have two options. The headstart option, which is the equivalent of entering the race with a powerful sports car, is to join as a new business owner (assistant supervisor). The second option is to join as a Novus customer, this requires more work to get your business off the ground.

Forever Business Owner
Assistant Supervisor

When a new member joins with the business owner box, they are immediately promoted to the level of assistant supervisor. At this level they are given 30% wholesale discount and 5% cashback the following month on any orders/sales.

Assistant supervisors are also allowed to add new people into their business.

Novus Customer
Forever Living Starting Level

A person can become a Novus customer either via the Clean 9 weight management pack or by £100.00 order here in the UK (Other countries have different minimum order requirements).

Novus customers only receive 15% discount and are not allowed to join people into their business.

Snapshot of The Forever Living Marketing Plan

Forever Living Marketing Plan Infographic
Forever Living Marketing Plan Infographic

How Much Can I Earn With Forever Living ?

Below is a rough guide of the typical incomes achieved from business owners at different levels of the marketing plan.

supervisor forever living

Supervisor Level

£250+ per month

assistant manager forever living

Assistant Manager Level

£600+ per month

forever living manager level

Manager Level

£800 – £1200 per month

soaring manager forever living

Soaring Manager Level

£2000+ per month

sapphire manager forever living

Sapphire Manager Level

£5000+ per month

diamond sapphire manager forever living

Diamond Sapphire Level

£10000+ per month

diamond manager forever living

Diamond Manager Level

£20,000+ per month

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