Exposition of The Daily Mail Forever Living Article

Brief overview of the article

The headline Daily Mail Forever Living article reads “Can you really earn £350,000 a year selling Aloe Vera?…”. It then goes onto describe a Forever Living Distributor from Maidenhead as becoming a ‘neurotic wreck’ within four months of signing up.

She wanted a job to fit around the demands of motherhood, but found it to be the opposite

The Daily Mail then state  ‘Forever Living is a controversial company that has received criticism’

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Further points discussed in the article

  • Alienated from her family, working until 2:30 am, addicted to her smartphone
  • Felt betrayed, ashamed of the lies ‘told to her to try to get ahead’
  • Many women apparently manipulated into a get rich quick scheme
  • Forever Living ‘critisised’ by the Advertising Standards Authority for making false claims

Answering the statements of the Daily Mail Forever Living article

A job to fit around motherhood

Forever is not a wage paying job out of the box (excuse the pun). Like any business, it takes time and effort. Anyone promoting it otherwise is a liar and guilty of making a good business model into a shoddy ‘get rich’ scam. Forever is not right for everyone by far.

I empathise with distributors who join Forever and feel pressured, cajoled and badgered to succeed, sacrificing the wrong things in their lives to get ahead

( response to daily mail forever living article )

Forever is a controversial company

Forever is a multi level marketing scheme (network marketing) that relies on direct selling to generate income. Modern businesses in the developed world, especially web based share similarities with the Forever business model. Controversy is generated by the actions of a number individuals operating outside the regulations of the company; it very much boils down ethics and integrity.

Forever describe themselves as an ethical company, they absolutely make known that it is wrong for distributors to encourage people to join by making claims that large incomes are easily and quickly achieved

( response to daily mail forever living article )

Forever critisised by the ASA

Forever Living also has to adhere to regulatory organisations in order to conduct business. Trading and marketing is governed by the regulations of the Direct Selling Association along with the aforementioned ASA. Historically Forever have been instructed to alter some advertisement wording under direction, to the effect of becoming immediately compliant.

Forever do take regulations very seriously and they adhere to advertising rules as prescribed under law, an article published by the ASA highlights a complaint in which Forever complied following a decision by the ASA” – view article.

( response to daily mail forever living article )

Women manipulated into get rich scheme

Forever assist new distributors to help them think of people they might introduce either the products or business to. As with any business, you can only progress by bringing attention to what it is you have or do. It always has been the policy of the company to present in an open and upfront fashion the nature of the business and remark that it is not for everyone.

Nothing irks me more than hearing stories from new distributors of how they were given false promises of this and that by their team leaders. The majority of distributors are ethical as per the company ethos; as always the actions of a minority with low integrity bring the controversy

( response to daily mail forever living article )

Lies to get ahead

In a modern web connected society we are interested in cutting through the red tape to reach the true facts. If we are so sophisticated, why do we need so much spin? Unfortunately there are some people who choose to misdirect and falsify information in order to achieve an outcome in their favor.

Lying is lying whichever way you look at it, sooner or later the lie always becomes apparent. To succeed in Forever takes time and it absolutely takes effort, shame on distributors who de-emphasise this reality.

Only the people at the top make money

A completely false statement as there a very high number of  low grade distributors (focusing on retail) who have a dozen or more regular customers that account for £200-£300 pcm profit. It’s by no means a fortune but it might mean your annual family holiday or a car payment.

Naturally it’s in Forever’s best interest for people to succeed and move up the marketing plan, it’s good for reputation and new business. The essential truth is some people are better at developing teams and teaching others, whereas some should not be in that role.

( response to daily mail forever living article )

Advice from a seasoned forever living distributor

running your own business

Are you capable of running a business?

Are we all capable of running our own business? I think the answer is no, at least for many of us during certain seasons during within our lifetime. This doesn’t mean we should let fear inhibit us, however we have to recognise our own strengths and weaknesses. Placing particular emphasis on strengths (a good business person should absolutely play to their strengths in the foundation period).

Whether you are great at talking to people, or perhaps you a social media starlet, work with what you know, trying to encompass unfamiliar marketing disciplines too quickly is a recipe for failure and disappointment.

be honest with yourself

Be honest be true, especially to yourself

If you are approached by a forever living distributor, listen to what they say but compare it against the ethos of what the company projects. More importantly consider if you truly want to work at this business. If a distributor makes out that it is easy, quote the compliance rule straight back at them, ‘Do not be misled that high earnings are easily achieved.’

I’m a very strong believer in ethics to the point where someone in managerial authority (not Forever) called me naive when I pointed out my views relating to honest business practices. I’ve been fortunate to witness on several occasions the long term negative outcome for people who make unethical decisions.

intimidation is bad

Intimidation is never attractive

My philosophy is attraction marketing, I am a web developer and designer. These are the skills I possess and I use them to promote my business and to help my team. For a supposedly modern business model (network marketing), I prefer a very old approach. My success is based on laying out the products for people to look at their leisure (online of course), answering questions honestly and allowing them space to make up their own minds.

To potential new distributors I always ask what is the most important aspect of their lives, the response is usually family and children. Following up on this I say to them I can only offer you consistently hard graft, are you sure you can balance that against what you told me?

Daily Mail Forever Living – Concluding Remarks

Forever Living is a great business and it does work, but it is most definitely not for everyone. The products are good, they are formidable enough to come with a 60 day money back guarantee offered by the company, even if you use them all up.

The company is let down by unethical persons with a distributorship, people often learn from their upline as they are the primary reference point. It truly is shameful that non compliant practices can propagate by the selfish actions of a minority. 

Choose your sponsor (distributor) carefully.

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